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Los Angeleno by birth, Northwesterner by choice, Second-hander by nature. Librarian, housebound chef, father, and lowly subject ruled over by the needs and whims of a very old house.
Partial to Mexican, Italian and Vietnamese cookery but will eat damn near anything. Collector of many strange things..the result is chaos and anarchy and a very pleasant place to live.
There is pleasure in accumulation, not just "collecting": music, books and film, in all their multi-formated glory. Outsider artists and those kinds of prints you would recognize if you took liberal studies classes in college. Cooking implements and gadgets for recipes still untried or those ventured. Glasses for most types of libations. Flowers in the garden, herbs in the pot.
It's a life of the senses and a good home life reflects that. Walking helps take in all the rest. Requires no special equipment, opens up the pores, brightens the taste buds, clears the decks for further adventures, puts on the miles, widens the eyes and helps fuel the imagination.

Live boldly, play graciously and love with all your heart knowing that true love comes only once or twice in this lifetime. Speaking of which..donde estas, Empress of my Heart?


"Lack imagination and miss the better story" Yann Martel

"Life is a great adventure and I want to say to you, accept it in such spirit. I want to see you face it ready to do the best that lies in you to win out. To go down without complaining and abiding by the result....the worst of all fears is the fear of living." Theodore Roosevelt, Jr.

"Not I - not anyone else, can travel that road for you
You must travel it for yourself" Walt Whitman

And above all, friends should possess the rare gift of sitting. They should be able, no, eager, to sit for hours-three, four, six-over a meal of soup and wine and cheese, as well as one of twenty fabulous courses.

Then, with good friends of such attributes, and good food on the board, and good wine in the pitcher, we may well ask,

When shall we live if not now?

-From Serve it Forth,
M.F.K. Fisher

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Joys of the day

It was a good day.

There wasn't much there in terms of what counts as "big thrills" in today's action packed, consumer world. As a matter of fact it was a pretty simple day, and, if held against other days of my life, might be considered small, or even bittersweet.

But today we had sunshine, even if that sunshine was laced with an occassionally wicked bit of windchill factor. Today I got off not one, not two but three old fashioned, snail mail type application packets to places all over the West. One was across the pond for the librarian pool of the King County Library system, another went off to Pueblo, Colorado (they're looking for a Circulation Supevisor with an MLS attached to their experience). The last went out to Prineville, Oregon, to the Crook County Library. They want someone to fill a duel role, to be a children's librarian as well as an assistant director. A big wow there. I think I may be overshooting but maybe, well, just maybe, I'll get a nibble, a nod before they shred it. Remember, hope dies last.

So, I topped that off with a visit to the Hot Dog King (too cold to chat outside while he peddled dogs to those brave customers heading up the street to the Tree Lighting Ceremony), then a run to Hollywood (rented Jim Jarmusch's Limits of Control and Lu Chuan's epic Mountain Patrol). Took in some chili and baked potatoes at Wendy's, ran into Jane and wished her happy birthday a week early, then headed back to downtown PO and wandered about. Light crowds this year, no snow, no laser shows or fireworks to keep folk hanging around.

The Hot Dog King and I hit up Gino's afterwards for appetizers and drinks, I stayed on for late night happy hour, but only for their wicked Blackened Chicken Caesar salad. I walked uptown to the Historic Orchard to grovel before my old supervisor and he put me on the schedule once again. Having that strange hobby/volunteer gig there pays off as I was able to get in sans admission price and watch Black Dynamite (groove on it if you dare!). Not much more to do after that as it was cold and late, so I went home, put on Bill Paxton's The Traveler and crashed with the cat.

So, you might wonder, where was the joy and mystery and wackiness of the holidays in all that? Sure, everywhere you go you hear the music, see the sparkley things, feel the consumer buzz. But I found more joy in going places and seeing folks I know or who once knew me and chatting. I found more holiday spirit in those two guys at the movie house who didn't care about why I hadn't come around but that I finally showed up. I was filled with happiness breaking bread (literally) with my best man pal, as for years I didn't have one and who taught me what it takes to have a good friend (you have to be willing to 1)make time and 2)listen).

But what cost me some bittersweet tears was that silent wave I got back in regards to that accidental run-in I had with Jane. It was an across the street, car running kind of birthday wish, a drive away moment. I wonder if that's all we'll have between us for the rest of our lives. Chance encounters and long stretches of nothing in-between.

Yesterday was a good day, one that, even though not totally filled with contemporary Christmas buzz, was tinged with a delightful dollop of holiday spirit, and with just enough mystery and hope that I feel that maybe, just maybe, we might squeeze another Christmas miracle out of all this yet.


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